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He just proposed and all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed. You suddenly have a million tasks to complete and you don't know what needs to get done and when! You have all of these great ideas and you don't know how to put them all together! Enter the wedding experts.


In this session, we will discuss:


What needs to be done right away and what can wait

How to organize all of the wedding tasks

Venue referrals based on your guest count and taste

Things to watch out for when booking a venue 

General deadlines for when to book vendors

Basic color palette and design advice


Price: $300









Our second approach is a la carte based on the advice you're seeking at any point in your planning. Just pick what elements you need help with, and schedule the meeting.
Each meeting is 2.5 hours and we'll load your mind with proper wedding protocol and give you all of our secrets so you can rest assured you are going about the planning just as a professional would. 
While we're open to whatever you may be needing help with at any given point, here are our most popular private information sessions:

1. Engaged...Now What?
2. Design With Us!
3.  Your Vendor Dream Team
4. Wedding Day Schedule




We've got you covered! With varying degrees of free-time and creativity, every bride-to-be has different needs. We would LOVE to have a phone consultation with you to help you determine which package would suit your needs best! If

Full Service Planning and Design

Custom Design Package + Coordination

Month-Of Coordination

Day-Of Coordination


Please inquire within for package details and pricing.



baby showers, bridal showers,

birthday parties, social events, corporate events














Need help pulling together the look and feel of your wedding? At this appointment, your wedding expert will:

  • Meet you at your venue so we can discuss the most warm and welcoming layout given your guest count and all of the elements you've been dreaming of incorporating.

  • Draw the layout together so you can give it to your venue contact to make a CAD (to scale) floorplan

  • Discuss color, floral, and decor to make the room look it's best given your taste.

  • Recommendations on vendors who fit your taste and who the experts believe can achieve your look most cost effectively.

Price: $300




If you don't want to risk hiring a vendor who could potentially ruin your wedding, ask the experts. At this meeting, we will:

  • Get to know your taste, style and budget

  • Recommend the industry's finest professionals specific to your taste and budget

  • Each wedding vendor in Southern/Northern California is "known" for something. This is why it's imperative to sit down with someone you trust that will MATCH you perfectly to the professionals who will give you your fairytale day.

  • We'll give you all our tips, tricks and contacts for making every dollar in your budget go the furthest possible

  • No strings attached and these will not be biased recommendations as we do not receive a kickback from the vendors.


Price: $300



This ones a BIGGY! If you don't consult a professional when creating your schedule for the big day, you leave yourself wide open for disaster to hit!

We have wedding days down to a science, so in this meeting, your wedding expert will:

  • Guide you through each part of the wedding day, starting from the morning to the very last formality and assign estimated timing for everything

  • Give you advice as to how much time things take so your wedding day is stress free and easy

  • Bring up common things you  may be forgetting (i.e. who will move the groom's belongings into the honeymoon suite?, when will we give our rings to the best man, what order do the dances and toasts go in?

  • Give you expert advice on what to do so everyone knows where they need to be at any given point during the day

  • Give you a sample professional timeline for you to refer to when crafting your own

  • Answer any ettiquette and general questions that you may have 


                                    Price: $300








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