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As a wedding planner and travel connoisseur (traveled to over 60 countries!), I’m always asked for advice on unique locations to bask in the lapse of luxury following the most special [and often times overwhelming] day of your life!  Tahiti, the Caribbean and Hawaii are obvious choices that seem to be the favorites, but we wanted to take a second to share with you some IMAGINATIVE honeymoon options that could end up being the adventure of a lifetime with your forever love.




The most popular honeymoon destination of the year is a beautiful island in the Northern Carribbean. With unrivaled white sand beaches and balmy tradewinds, it's no wonder celebrities and honeymooners can't get enough of Anguilla.


With the brand new Malliouhana Hotel and the popular Viceroy as lodging options, you're sure to come back with once in a lifetime memories from this most beautiful island.


The majestic cuts of the mountains combined with the fairytale scenery and the most 

beautiful white sand beaches make South Africa one of our favorite places in the world. 


Why do we love it so much? This is a vacation where you won’t be sitting on a beach for 2 weeks BUT if you want to, you have the option! If you decide you want some stimulation, you can swim with sharks, repel off of Table Top mountain, venture off to he southern most tip of Africa, go on Safari for a few days, go wine tasting in Stellenbosch and so much more!


With so many options depending on your mood, this is a place you'll never forget. 





If you’re feeling exotic, the islands of Thailand may be for you! Ko PiPi, Phuket and Ko Samui offer gorgeous bungalows and resorts that give you all the comforts of home while still feeling like you’re in a faraway land. Total bonus- massages on the beach are so 

inexpensive that you might as well get one everyday while looking at the gorgeous waters of this oriental paradise. We recommend a stay at the W Retreat for all of the comforts of home!


Before heading home, make sure you head to Bangkok for a few days to get a beautiful look at Thailand's most famous city.





If you’ve never been down under, there’s no better time than your honeymoon. This is another destination where there is a lot to do, yet you can customize it based on what you want to get out of it. Site seeing of the beautiful Sydney harbor, surfing at the world famous Bondi Beach. Once your done hitting all of the hotspots on the mainland, head over to Australian paradise, the Whitsunday Islands. Hamilton Island has the beautiful Qualia resort where your relaxation is their biggest priority. Head over to Whitehaven Beach, on the uninhabited Whitsunday Island, where your eyes will feast on one of the most amazingly beautiful untouched beaches in the world.There's no better way to end your honeymoon than relaxing on a beautiful beach with a cocktail in hand!






Although this might not be the easiest place to get to from the states, the Maldives is becomming increasingly more popular as a honeymoon destination. 

It's said that this secluded island off the coast of India and Sri Lanka, will be underwater in 100 years! That seems to only make the Maldives more desirable. 

Activities in the Maldives include diving excursions, sea planing, spa and relaxation treatments, and watersports galore. 



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