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Wedding gift ettiquette isn't a topic that's brought up much as gifting is a personal thing. Here are some helpful hints when it comes to gifting.


  • When it comes to home decor--stick to the wedding registry! There's a reason people register for things and that's because when it comes to building a home, people are picky! Everything needs to look cohesive and not like a hodgepodge of a mix of things from 100 different wedding guests. Unless you are very close to the couple and know their style and what they need or want, it's best to stick with what they've picked out.

  • When in doubt, GIVE MONEY! Although you might think giving money isn't personal, I've learned that it's really the #1 thing people want, even before that which is on their registry. The reason being? With registries, they need to make decisions quickly as there are "return by" dates involved. Money never expires, so when that couple saves enough for their dream home 2 years down the line, they can go buy whatever they'd like with the wedding money they've set aside.


I hope these tips help you when you're stumped over the perfect wedding gift! It really is not that complicated. 


Christie Rose 

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